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During this special workflow course, open to doctors and their in-house lab technicians, you will learn a customized, advanced implant digital workflow for All-on-X cases, CAD/CAM immediate implant full-arch rehabilitation, workflows to create 2-appointment dentures, workflows for 3D facially generated treatment planning and design for small and large cases, single implant restorations to full mouth. This course will span 2 full days of lectures, hand-on and live patient demos.


The InstaRisa Digital Workflow Course is a unique program designed to empower and enlighten every participant and inspire confidence in the utilization of three-dimensional Facial Scanning to aid in diagnosis and treatment planning with predictable outcomes. Starting with facially generated treatment planning, the InstaRisa team builds a philosophy and systems that incorporate many of the aspects of dentistry you already know. We then develop – through research, evidence, and proven clinical techniques – the Digital Workflows that allow for a Diagnostically Driven Treatment Planning concept using a facially generated and three-dimensional approach. Be prepared to confidently implement the skills and concepts for predictable management of patients immediately following the course… or, as we are fond of saying, “you can take this home and do this yourself, Monday morning.”

The move from analogue dentistry to Digital Dentistry for use with comprehensive care helps to resolve many of the current difficulties of analogue techniques. Learning the appropriate Digital Workflows will allow you to perform many of your favorite procedures more efficiently and without all of the inherent difficulties of traditional analogue techniques. From the initial patient engagement to comprehensive, full-arch and full-mouth dentistry, the utilization of the 3D facial scanner and the InstaRisa Digital Workflows will help to ensure predictable and excellent outcomes more efficiently and with a significant “WOW factor” from your patient base. Becoming more efficient in your protocols will, no doubt, provide a significant time savings which may well correlate with a significant cost savings.

Digitizing the patient will enhance your treatment planning, as you will be able to plan three-dimensionally without the need for the patient to be present after the initial intake data is captured, saving you, your patients, and your laboratory support time, appointments, and costly remakes. Although incredibly beneficial for full-arch or full-mouth dentistry, the InstaRisa Digital Workflows are applicable for all of your diagnostic appointments, treatment planning, routine restorative care, esthetic dentistry, and fixed and removable therapy, with or without dental implants.

Course Objectives

• Become proficient and comfortable using the InstaRisa 3.0 facial scanner.
• Learn to comprehensively evaluate patients through simplified, systematic documentation using 3 Dimensional data.
• Learn to acquire digital records with hands-on demonstration and personalized instruction.
• Learn how to utilize 3 Dimensional data and incorporate it for comprehensive examination and facial generated treatment planning.
• Learn a unique, hassle-free method for providing full-arch restorations from start to finish.
• Show “proof-of-concept” by performing the workflows on models, hands-on, and delivering an appliance custom fabricated to fit precisely on the implants you just placed. In addition, we’ll perform live implant surgery on a live patient with delivery of a full-arch All-On-X using our complete digital workflow.
• Learn digital workflows for dentures and over-dentures.
• Stand out from the competition by offering the latest industry innovation.
• Learn how to perform full-arch dentistry without the need for photogrammetry and expensive uni-functional equipment.

InstaRisa 3.0 facial scanner

Our entire All-On-X workflow utilizes the InstaRisa 3.0 facial scanner and your IOS without the need for costly photogrammetry. We utilize our proprietary method of accurately scanning implant position with an IOS. Included in the course:

-Entire All-On-X digital workflow from intake records to final restoration.
-Lecture & Live immediate load surgery patient
-Lecture & Live final restoration records patient
-Hands-on Facial Scanner training
-Literature review of digital dentistry
-Marketing strategies
-Patient workflow from initial phone call to delivery
-Plus more

Scalable Investment


Training & Support

The course explores the business and clinical benefits of InstaRisa’s proprietary CAD/CAM method, which provides a complete digital workflow for a milled or printed hybrid bridge from transitional to final restoration.

Innovative Digital Workflows 


Gain a Competitive Edge

Stand out from the competition by offering the latest industry innovation.

Predictable & Stress-Free

A unique, hassle-free method for providing full-arch restorations from start to finish.

Patient Scanning

Hands-on patient scanning for acquiring records with intraoral scanner and 3D facial scanner.

Harness innovation 

Get the edge over competitors

Less Fuss and Cost

Expensive photogrammetry technology and bite records no longer necessary.

3D Facial Scanners

Learn about the many benefits and uses, principles and protocols of facial scanners.

Marketing Focus

Learn marketing strategies and tactics to keep patients engaged and informed.

3D Facial Scanner

included in program cost

InstaRisa 3.0 3D Scanner

InstaRisa 3.0 3D facial scanner provides high quality data, which enables easy alignment with 3D intraoral scans and CBCT.

Unique features: 

  • Detailed facial scans
  • Accurate bite scans
  • Scan dentures and models easily
  • Exports: PLY, STL
  • Easy integration with Exocad, 3Shape, Blue Sky Bio, PlanCAD, and other design software
  • The most accurate bite scan record technique for MIP and open VDO’s
  • Accurate alignment with IOS or stone model scans
  • Easy to integrate with your Digital Workflows

Dental experts

program led by industry trailblazers

Dr. Art Mirelez, DDS

CEO of InstaRisa

Dr. J. Art Mirelez is a private practicing dentist, lecturer, and innovator. Dr. Mirelez maintains a successful private dental implant practice in Fresno, CA, where he provides all implant surgical and restorative services. 

Dr. Jeff Bynum, DDS

Chief Clinical Director

Dr. Jeff Bynum, Chief Clinical Director for InstaRisa Technologies, teaches digital workflow, surgical techniques, and 3D facial scanning. He maintains a private practice outside of Tampa, FL.

Dr. Ramsey Amin, DDS

InstaRisa Workflow Pro

Dr. Ramsey Amin has extensive experience in surgical and restorative implant dentistry. As one of less than 500 Diplomates of the American Board of Oral Implantology/Implant Dentistry (ABOI/ID), he is considered an expert and board-certified specialist in dental implants. He is also a past clinical instructor at the UCLA School of Dentistry and Western University School of Dentistry.

Fernando Polanco, DDT

Digital Dental Technologist


Fernando Polanco is a Computer Technician and Digital Dental Technologist from Guatemala. 
In 2011, he became a Registered Dental Assistant in California. In 2013 he started his  career as a CAD/CAM Dental Technologist at an in-house dental lab utilizing Cerec, 3shape, Exocad, CAM Sum 3D, Hyperdent, and Exocam. He has worked alongside Dr. Mirelez since 2017.

Course Highlights:

Training available available for doctors,
their in-house lab techs, and dental assistants.


Live Training

  • Live patient demonstrations
  • Live patient facial and IOS training
  • Lab tech digital design training
  • Live Surgery Demos

Detailed Workflow Training

  • Detailed InstaRisa Digital Workflow
  • Hands-on modules

Business Focus

  • Marketing Full-Arch Dental Implants
  • Hands-on Facial and Intraoral Scanning
  • Plus much more!

3D Scanner included

  • 3.0 Facial Scanner System
    (includes laptop loaded with software)


  • InstaRisa Certified Provider Status

Ongoing support

  • Continued InstaRisa updates & support
  •  1 Year of Support & Updates

  • Private Chatline
  • CE hours

Reserve Your Spot



145 N. Clovis Ave, Ste #102, Clovis, CA 93612



Day 1 – 07:00 am 05:00 pm

Day 2 – 07:00 am 05:00 pm



$24k per Doctor (including scanner)

$7k per Doctor (without scanner)

$2500 per in house lab tech

$500 per dental assistant


Non-refundable deposit of $2,500

Interested in financing? Contact us 


Please note: each doctor can bring one technician and assistant – alternatively, attendees can bring a second in-house lab technician or assistant. 








Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most frequently asked questions below – feel free to contact us with any other questions. 

Where is the event held?

145 N. Clovis Ave, Ste #102, Clovis, CA 93612

What is the training schedule?

Day 1 – 07:00 am 05:00 pm
Day 2 – 07:00 am 05:00 pm

How much does it cost?

$24k per Doctor (including scanner)
$7K per Doctor (without scanner)
$2500 per in house lab tech
$500 per dental assistant

Non-refundable deposit of $2,500


Please note: each doctor can bring one technician and assistant – alternative, attendees can bring a second in-house lab technician or assistant. 

Is accommodation available?

We offer special rates for attendees – please contact us for details.


Details available here

Rooms rates are c. $125 per night plus taxes.  Please note prices will differ depending on the dates so please confirm in advance.

Fairfield Inn & Suites Fresno Clovis

50 N. Clovis Ave.
Clovis, California 93612 USA

Do I have to buy the 3D scanner before attending?

Purchase of the 3D scanner is not compulsory and the price of the training reflects this: 

$24k per Doctor (including scanner)

$7k per Doctor (without scanner)

Do you offer online training?

Not currently although we do plan to offer online/remote training in the future. Please contact us for details or subscribe to our mailing list to be kept up to date. 

Can I speak to someone / I have other questions?

Yes, please contact us by email or call using the contact details provided on the contact page. 

“InstaRisa’s process represents a paradigm shift in dentistry that will impact most on speed, accuracy and ease of use, eliminating the need for much time-consuming impressions, appointments, back-and-forth communication, guesswork and verification. Digital impressions and scanning technology allow a lot of the work to be carried out on a computer with the patient beside you. Saving time ultimately impacts on your bottom line as you can see more patients. There was a very friendly and supportive atmosphere on the training course and the company treats its people, partners and students as part of the family.”

Dan Holtzclaw DDS, MS

Periodontist, Austin Texas

“What we’ve learned about InstaRisa during the last 48 hours will not only make your workflow a lot faster and more efficient, but is set to reshape and shake-up the industry, changing the way many Lab Techs view dentistry and lab work. Facially generated treatment planning offers clear value, enabling you to view the bigger, more holistic, in-depth picture rather than just an impression. It is a difference that makes all the difference.”  

Luke Flores

RDA Lab Tech & Treatment Coordinator , Austin / Georgetown 3D Dental

“InstaRisa offers the most benefit, as far as my work is concerned, in the planning stages: the ability to scan the face, simulate the procedure, and mock-up a new smile for patients – most uniquely, show patients what to expect in advance is a game-changer. It also significantly reduces the guesswork and, as the software does much of the heavy-lifting, building files and layers more rapidly, will save time overall and simplify the process.”  

Brantley Kitching

Chief Operating Officer, SYNrG Lab, Georgia

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