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Who are we?

Dr. Art Mirelez, is a General Dentist and Fernando Polanco, is a Digital Dental Technologist, who are blessed to have work side by side since 2017.  Having an in-house digital lab has been an essential component in developing predictable digital workflows. This synergistic combo has allowed for finding better, faster and less expensive digital workflows for performing prosthetic and surgical procedures. They will be the first to admit that there have been frustrations, failures and challenges along the way, but this only created the motivation to have today’s InstaRisa technology and digital workflows  but, they are not done yet, daily research and development is a way of life to constantly improving digital workflows. Passionately striving for perfection and achieving excellence is what drives InstaRisa.


What do we do? 

As a general dentist who provides procedures from simple fillings to surgical and restorative All-On-X services, Dr. Mirelez and Fernando have created workflows for all types of cases (All on X, Implant overdentures, full mouth crown and bridge, veneers, complete and partial dentures). A key component for InstaRisa integration is providing 3D facially driven restorations with facial scanners.  Facial scanners allow clinicians to gather accurate records for facial scans, bites and dentures and denture impression scans.


Why is it called InstaRisa?

It started as “InstaSmile” for in-house communication purposes.  Once it was decided to share the workflows with the world, it was discovered that “InstaSmile” had been trademarked already. So, the fact that Dr. Mirelez and Fernando both speak Spanish, “Risa” means to laugh.  So, InstaRisa was born, after all it does bring laughter and smiles to all involved.

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