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More Procedures

InstaRisa’s workflow helps dentists do more dentures, implant overdentures, and full-arch All-on-X hybrids with confidence.

Boost Marketshare

Increase your Full-Arch market share significantly.


Benefit from simple, easy, and efficient workflows.

Reduce Costs

Our workflow is far more cost effective compared to photogrammetry (PIC, ICam4D)

Low Entry Costs

Lower capital investment for dentists in terms of equipment, running costs, and training. 

Digitizing patients

Save time and costs (lab techs for conversions), increase efficiency by delegating scanning to team members and reducing human error.

Digitizing the Patient predictably & efficiently

The latest and greatest innovation in dentistry is InstaRisa, which integrates 3D digital scans of the face and teeth to create custom-designed, beautiful, precise-fitting teeth. This new digital system helps dentists, surgeons, laboratory partners, and our patients in all phases of implant dentistry, from CT imaging to final smile restorations. With this technology, teeth in a day is now possible in a far easier, less expensive, more predictable, comfortable, and less invasive manner. The final cosmetic result is stunning and life-changing.

3D Facial Scanner

InstaRisa 3.0 3D facial scanner provides high quality data, which allows easy alignment with 3D intraoral scans and CBCT.

This scanner offers unique features:

  • Detailed facial scans
  • Accurate bite scans
  • Scan dentures and models easily
  • Exports: PLY, STL
  • Easy integration with Exocad, 3Shape, Blue Sky Bio, PlanCAD, and other design software
  • The most accurate bite scan record technique for MIP and open VDO’s
  • Accurate alignment with IOS or stone model scans
  • Easy to integrate with your Digital Workflows

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