The world's first specialized uncut-model scanner.

Save modeling work, more accuracy, more environment friendly, more efficiency!

High Speed

Triple tray 70 seconds, 12 unit multi-dies scan 29 seconds, All in one 37 seconds, and Model scanning 20 seconds.

Full arch implants scanned in a single step.

No need to loosen and fasten the abutment screws.

High definition cameras

Mark margin line in UPSCAN

Exporting model data including margin information to design software directly.Help Dentists mark the right margin location

New way of occlusion scan. Fast and simple.

True color scanning. Perfectly restore textures color.

Color texture

Real color-scan of model with pencil marks helps a better and easier design of removable

Up 360+

    • 1 Scanner
    • 1 Calibration plate
    • 1 Power cable
    • Impression and model holders
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