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Revolutionary Digital Workflows and 3D Facial Scanners

InstaRisa Company Mission Statement

It is our mission to bring world class technology, techniques, education, and support to the dental profession.

Sharing with like-minded passionate clinicians and laboratory technicians in creating unique workflows to ultimately benefit our patients with life changing restorations.

A key component for InstaRisa integration is providing 3D facially driven restorations with facial scanners. Facial scanners allow clinicians to gather accurate records for facial scans, bites and dentures and denture impression scans.

  • We embrace the latest technological innovations
  • Focus on developing predictable, faster, and less expensive digital workflows
  • An ethos of ongoing continuous research and development

What is InstaRisa?


Meet the Co-Founders


Dr. Art Mirelez

Dr. Art Mirelez, a General Dentist, Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologist and of the Academy of General Dentistry, a Kois Center Graduate, Mentor, and Clinical Instructor, is a co-founder and CEO of InstaRisa while still maintaining one of the most successful private dental practices in Fresno. His lifelong passion to become the best clinician possible has led him to travel internationally in search of safe and advanced implant techniques and the latest technological advances in dentistry.

Fernando Polanco

Fernando, a Digital Dental Technologist, has worked alongside Dr. Mirelez since 2017. The founders’ synergistic cooperation has been instrumental in devising predictable, streamlined, and cost-effective digital workflows for performing prosthetic and surgical procedures at InstaRisa’s in-house digital lab.

All-On-X services

Raving fans – doctors, lab technicians, and patients throughout the country – know the value of InstaRisa’s unique and innovative digital workflow.

Innovative Technology

A digital workflow utilizing 3D facial scanning and eliminating photogrammetry separates InstaRisa from the rest.

Certified Experts

Certified dentists and labs are available throughout the nation, to provide predictable results for patients.

Core Values

These core values will always guide us in keeping our commitments honorable and true:











Why is it called InstaRisa?

It started as “InstaSmile” for Dr’s Mirelez’s in-house communication purposes. Once it was decided to share the workflows with the world, it was discovered that “InstaSmile” had been trademarked already.

For the fact the IR co-founders both speak Spanish “Risa” came about – Risa means to laugh, which brings instant smiles to those involved with this unique workflow.

And InstaRisa was born.

All-on-X Services

Implants & Restoration

3D Scanning

Our Team

Dr J. Art Mirelez, Jr., DDS


Dr Jeff Bynum DDS

Chief Clinical Director

Chan Purewal

Chief Revenue Officer

Fernando Polanco, DDT

Digital Technologist

Digital Workflows

Streamline, simplify, and standout – with low investment costs

InstaRisa’s unique digital workflow solutions are poised to revolutionize the dental industry by streamlining the process, enabling dentists to carry out more dentures, implant overdentures, and full-arch All-on-X hybrids efficiently, confidently, and with considerable ease.

Not only will this allow you to increase your Full-Arch market share significantly, while getting an edge over the competition, it also is more cost-effective compared to photogrammetry (PIC, ICam4D) and requires far less capital investment for dentists.


“InstaRisa 3.0 has saved me incredible amounts of time, money, grief, and embarrassment. The value it offers in treatment planning is tremendous – see the end result before starting, allowing you to nail things down and achieve a perfect result. This goes beyond mere profit: innovative technology and solutions that will change the face of dentistry moving forward.”

Dr. Ramsey Amin

DDS, Burbank CA

“What we’ve learned about InstaRisa during the last 48 hours will not only make your workflow a lot faster and more efficient, but is set to reshape and shake-up the industry, changing the way many Lab Techs view dentistry and lab work. Facially generated treatment planning offers clear value, enabling you to view the bigger, more holistic, in-depth picture rather than just an impression. It is a difference that makes all the difference.”

Luke Flores

RDA Lab Tech & Treatment Coordinator , Georgetown 3D Dental

“InstaRisa offers the most benefit, as far as my work is concerned, in the planning stages: the ability to scan the face, simulate the procedure, and mock-up a new smile for patients – most uniquely, show patients what to expect in advance is a game-changer. It also significantly reduces the guesswork and, as the software does much of the heavy-lifting, building files and layers more rapidly, will save time overall and simplify the process. “

Brantley Kitching

Chief Operating Officer, SYNrG Lab, Georgia

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